Cllr Gibbons has been supporting Dog Daisy TARA in the Derwent Road/Lingfield Walk/Taunton Gardens area of Mexborough almost every month at their regular meetings at Dog Daisy pub in Mexborough since he was elected as a Mexborough Councillor in May 2015.

Numerous community issues have been raised at the regular Dog Daisy TARA (Tenants and Residents Association) meetings such as this ‘drug den’ at the top of Hirstgate off Derwent Road which was recently secured by St Leger Homes.

In addition, a new litter bin was installed last summer at the end of Lingfield Walk as a recognised ‘litter hot-spot’ at the end of the link footpath with Harlington Road.

You don’t have to knock on people’s doors asking what their community issues are as residents are made aware of the appropriate ways to report issue to DMBC, St Leger Homes and South Yorkshire Police and escalate via their local TARA and local Mexborough Councillors if community issues are not tackled effectively and efficiently.

Cllr Gibbons explains ”It is all about meeting local residents and listening to their concerns in their local community. The great thing about TARAs is that local residents come together on a regular basis with the common theme of improving their community safety via local Neighbourhood Watch schemes, looking out for each other and socially gathering after each ‘business’ meeting with a drink and a game of bingo”.