Position statement re Windhill site Mexborough

Recently, a local resident highlighted the latest occurrence of fly-tipping on this site in Mexborough via the ‘Mexborough Nah Then’ Facebook page and Cllr Chapman was on site within minutes taking photos and reporting urgent action to DMBC & St Leger Homes.

The site will be attended to immediately with all sharp glass re moved by DMBC Street Scene team & the SLH caretaking team will remove all other fly-tipping next week as an urgent priority.

Mexborough First Councillors have been working hard to keep this land cleared. We also secured the interest of a local developer who offered a substantial amount of money for the land despite no action from DMBC, or previous Mexborough Councillors (prior to 2014/15). We were informed by senior directors in DMBC in Oct 2015 that ‘the land was worthless’…which is absolute nonsense!

So we worked behind the scenes to secure a substantial offer to buy the land for new development last Apr/May. Last July, when the controversial plans were announced by HS2 changing the preferred route….this land falls ‘within a 500m Blight Zone’ of the proposed line…and therefore is currently in abeyance in terms of sale!

However the land should be regularly monitored and cleansed by SLH/DMBC and we have reminded officers of the importance of doing so moving forward until a long-term solution is found/agreed for this site which desperately requires redeveloping.