Cllr Gibbons noticed this latest traffic build-up yesterday as he returned to Mexborough from a meeting in Doncaster. He raised the traffic issue with the Head of Service again as it was queuing back down Green’s Way around 4.30pm (dual carriageway).

The issue is actually due to damaged ‘detector loops’ which are not providing sufficient traffic management, timing of traffic light changes etc during busier periods.

We have been assured that these will finally be repaired in due course and traffic congestion will then start to improve down Doncaster Road towards Pastures Road traffic lights.

UPDATE 04.02.16

Mexborough First councillors have been assured by the DMBC Highways Team that the offending ‘detector loop’ for the traffic management (allowing too many vehicles to travel through from Pastures Road) was repaired at the end of last week (by 29th Jan).
As a result, traffic should now be passing much more freely on Doncaster Road and we would appreciate any feedback to this effect for anyone travelling in this area at peak times.