Statement from Mexborough Cllrs re closure of  Mexborough Day Centre in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

Following numerous enquiries/concerns raised by local residents to both Mexborough First Councillors and Ed Miliband

Mexborough Cllrs were advised that the old boiler located at Mexborough Day Centre (installed in the 1970s) was condemned last year at a repair cost we were informed of over £70,000.

Since that time, we have been liasing closely with relevant DMBC teams and senior officer including Debra Smith, Head of Service for Adullt/Social Care in our area.

The Harlington Road day centre was a great building in its time but over the years has deteriorated. It is sadly not just the boiler in need of urgent attention but extensive wiring, asbestos removal, other electrical faults etc etc to the tune of several hundred thousand pounds over the next three years. It is therefore not viable to utilise the day centre for service provision.

We are satisfied that the service-users from the day centre have been suitably moved to the Bhatia Centre (older people) and the Mexborough Youth & Community Centre (learning disabiltiies/special needs) and have been informed that they are broadly happy in their new homes. We have personally visited both centres and observed the service-users engaging in the setting and enjoying their surroundings. The service-users at the Youth Club are now located much closer to the town centre and can now access local amenities and entertainment much more easily which is a real positive.

Service-users also actively Volunteer and engage with local community groups/organisations located at Mexborough Community Campus Youth & Community Centre , Mexborough Life Church and Centre and Refresh Cafe as an added bonus. The mix of people older, younger, special needs, talented, sport-loving etc etc now on the Athletic site is a very positive step forward in –

A) securing the sustainability of the former Mexborough Youth Club building (another former DMBC building which would have been closed and sold off otherwise)

B) the integration of local people of all ages/abilities working/spending time together in a safe and suitable setting with increased opportunities/offerings e.g. use of tennis courts, increasing volunteering/wellbeing opportunities etc

C) strengthening the committed partnership on the Athletic site following the formulation of Mexborough community campus – masters back in 2014/15 and pushing forward on the ‘Community-Led provision’ approach

D) also securing the long term future of the Bhatia Centre (St Leger Homes owned) in same way as Youth Club

Mexborough First Cllrs will continue to work closely with DMBC colleagues/teams, service-users, local community and residents to protect as many essential services and buildings as possible across Mexborough while being very aware of significant cuts to local authority budgets, transition of Community-Led agenda, increasing costs to maintain old DMBC owned buildings and the challenges of maintaining services and provision in very difficult circumstances.