Happy New Year to all Mexborough residents.

We have spent more hours over the last few days and last week out and about reporting various issues across our town using the MyDoncaster App (see attached photos) e.g the . –

1) Rubbish/litter on DMBC owned garage site on Albert/Pym Road

2) Liitter all along Pym Road

3) Dumped rubbish on Kings Road Park + litter

4) Unacceptable amounts of dog mess on Kings Road Park – environmental hazard – DMBC to cleanse whole area

5) Litter/rubbish on highway banking off Doncaster Road (both sides) near entrance to Dearne Valley Leisure Centre. Also, chased urgent need for a litter bin in this area

6) New street sign required on New Street

7) Street Light out on Adwick Road (outside BetFred in very busy area) – reported in Nov 2017 twice and STILL not working – escalated to senior officers

8) Litter bin needs re-securing on Victoria Park due to local idiots kicking over numerous times

9) Barbers Path area – in need of full cleanse. Someone seems to like their ‘blue cider’ but can’t be bothered to use litter bin nearby for disposal of numerous bottles!

10) Numerous pot holes on Barbers Path – near Kelly’s Store and located on very busy school route

11) Bridleway between Eden Terrace/Maple Road and Adwick Road – in need of cleanse

12) Mexborough School bottom playing fields – in need of full cleanse especially around perimeter/entrance points. Also requested installation of litter/dog fouling bins + enforcement patrols to deal with persistent/careless offenders

13) Adwick Road play area – was riddled with broken glass today. Emergency contact made with DMBC weekend team who removed broken glass straight away. Full cleanse of area tomorrow

14) Verges on Adwick Road/Sticking Hill in need of cleansing

15) Adwick Road near allotments (across from Premier Store) – riddled with litter and in need of cleansing

16) Public Footpath at side of Mexborough Job Centre and Mexborough Allotment in desperate need for cleansing by DMBC

These are just a few examples of community issues recently reported to DMBC.

Most of these issues have been reported via MyDoncaster App which is free to use on a smartphone. This ensures that DMBC are fully aware of each specific issue in a specified location so that they are aware action is required.

A number of local residents have asked if we can go back to running our own town independently as we did back in the 70’s. We would love to revert back to the days of Mexborough Urban District Council but it cannot happen I’m afraid….unless government policy dictates it.

Even if we establish a ‘Mexborough Town Council’….we will still remain under the control of DMBC and have to put up with their priority over community resources.

As local Cllrs, we need as many residents as possible to report EVERY single community issue via the appropriate channels (either via the MyDoncaster App, via tel call to 01302 736000 or via email to – customer.services@doncaster.gov.uk) so that each issue is logged on DMBC systems. Then we can escalate unactioned issues or pick up the need for additional resources and fight for better services and resources for our town.

Please can everyone support us and let us have any reference numbers for issues reported to DMBC which have not been actioned.

Thanks for your support.