I have just returned home following another very busy day. It was good to see many of you at Mex Resource Centre earlier. I know that many of you who attended did not leave any wiser but, rest assured, we are working extremely hard behind the scenes and fighting to save your homes. I spent some time talking with Ed Miliband 1:1 (and also with his team) after the HS2 session and both agreed that we should all work closely together to fight for a revised route. We also both agreed that the HS2 communication strategy to date was much to be desired and must improve…and fast. Mexborough First Councillors are completely committed to this approach. Ed also apologised again that he couldn’t make it meeting last night (he was in the House of Commons voting on Trident). He has agreed to contact everyone who attended via email directly to confirm his commitment to fight this cause. More details to follow very soon and the fight continues.

I was also in a meeting with Mayor Ros this morning along with Cllrs Chapman and Pickering, other senior DMBC Cabinet members and four HS2 team members. Rest assured…Mayor Ros is also very shocked and challenged the HS2 team to consider an alternative route to which they agreed they would do so as part of the wider consultation. Also, please note that Ros’s husband is currently unwell so she couldn’t attend the public meeting last night but she is also working hard challenging the HS2 team to consider other options available. We will keep you posted.

Councillor Sean Gibbons