We are pleased to announce that a new gate at the entrance to Clayton Park (off Church St) was finally installed by DMBC (via contractors) last week.

Cllr Chapman meets regularly with the ‘Church Street & Ferryboat Lane Residents Forum’ at their monthly meetings and the need for a new gate has been repeatedly raised over the past couple of years but not actioned. Mexborough Councillors have been dealing with many ‘outstanding’ community issues such as this since we were collectively elected to serve our town last May.

We will continue to ‘get things done’ where we can despite budget cuts to services. There might be vast reductions to budgets within DMBC but that does not stop us fighting for a fair share for Mexborough.

Mexborough Action Team (MAT) also carried out a litter Pick of Clayton Park on Sunday (along with other areas on Doncaster Road, Harlington Road and Church Street).

Clayton Park is a beautiful and tranquil part of Mexborough and was bequeathed to our town in 1935 by Ernest Arthur Clayton for all to enjoy.