Mexborough First Councillor Andy Pickering is pleased to announce, that following last years debacle that saw the whole town disappointed with the announcement by Councillors that there was no money available for Mexborough to have Xmas lights of any kind in the town … that this year we’ve got them back!!

The plan is for a real Xmas tree to be raised if front of the market, a traditional centrepiece of Xmas spirit, hopefully a choir singing all our favourite Carols, like Christmases of old, perhaps even mulled wine  and roast chestnuts.

If we use our imagination, this will be a real boost for the town’s morale.

It will probably be the first time a really good sized tree has been used as a focal point,and I think it begins to put us where we deserve to be, at least on a par with other towns.

Smaller Xmas trees along with more traditional light decorations will be installed in strategic places above the shops, this could be the best celebration Mexborough has seen for years.

The tree has been very kindly donated by local business entrepreneurs Tim Mason and his wife Andrea Mason-Waterhouse, proprietors of local business Vasey-Valentine.

I would like to thank them for this gesture and their great civic spirit, as ever this proves Mexborough folk really can rise to the occasion when needed.

Hopefully Tim and Andrea will agree to accept the honour of switching on the lights on Saturday December 6th at 6pm.

Despite the PAT testing issue of the lights proving so thorny and apparently too expensive last year, DMBC will be testing them , the highways department have agreed to install an anchor point for the main tree next month.

We hope everyone can take the opportunity to get involved, whether it be joining in the raffles, or just coming along to take part and enjoy what will be a wonderful atmosphere.

I along with other local businesses and residents I have spoken to will be happy to be donate some prizes, but more are always welcome.

A lot of people felt, that as usual we were treated like poor relations last year, but I would urge the people of Mexborough to embrace this event, and show Doncaster we also deserve to enjoy a proper Christmas celebration.

Andy Pickering
Mexborough First Councillor.