Mexborough First Cllrs oppose HS2 & will fight all the way to protect Mexborough but what is Mexborough Labour party doing?!

The Labour Party established HS2 nationally in 2010 while they were in Government.

They support this over-budget ‘gravy-train’ but now Labour find themselves in a most embarrassing position of supporting HS2 as a national infrastructure project (which we are not convinced is even needed!) but trying to demonstrate their opposition locally to the current preferred M18/Eastern route which will decimate Mexborough and surrounding areas…if the Transport Secretary confirms this controversial revised route later in 2017.

Mexborough First Cllrs will continue to fight for our town AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY and oppose the unacceptable disrespect and contempt of our significantly affected residents.

Please be assured that we are doing everything possible to oppose these controversial plans and to save our town from destruction.

We encourage ALL residents to participate in the HS2 consultation and let them have your views and concerns before the 9th March deadline.

Please contact us if you require a HS2 consultation form for completion.