Mexborough Cllrs have been busy as usual dealing with numerous community issues via DMBC, StLeger Homes, South Yorkshire Police etc & continue to work hard to keep town clean & safe for all residents 

We hope Mexborough residents have enjoyed the long hot summer and the nice weather continues into September! The six weeks holidays have flown by with children/students returning to school on Tue/Wed next week.

Mexborough First Councillors have been very busy dealing with a number of community issues (many behind the scenes) reported to us via telephone, email, at monthly surgeries via the MF Facebook page, MF website, at monthly PACT meetings, at monthly TARA/residents area meetings, on the street when we’re out and about etc etc.

Apologies it has been a while since we last updated you on our activities and we will aim to send out more regular updates.

Here are just a sample of some of the community issues we have been working on over the last few months (many of them over a long period which can sometimes take several months/even a year to finally bottom….but we persist until the job is done!!) –

  1. Clearing of fly-tipping off Leach Lane and finally ensuring that Doncaster Council install a lockable gate to prevent further fly-tipping. The site is currently being cleared ready for brand new development of residential dwellings (with a new/appropriate Street Name in fitting with local heritage……watch this space!)
  2. Ongoing clearance of former Windhill Avenue site to ensure fly-tipping/rubbish is cleared on a regular basis. St Leger Homes Doncaster continue to use the site as a compound to continue Decent Homes works to local housing stock across Mex (Business expected to go on until around April 2019). No housing development expected on the site until the HS2 Parkway Station review is completed (ongoing)
  3. Working with Harmby Properties to improve the former Cooplands shop on the High St and get windows repaired and metal shutters installed & proactively market to bring a new business into the unit. Also, ongoing work with Harmby Properties & DMBC to deal with pigeons/vermin control to clear nests and install preventative spikes to deter further activity. Further meeting planned for mid/late Sep.
  4. Mexborough Market – very disappointing to see current offerings (only 2-3 stalls on the outside market on a recent Saturday) & not enough resources/commitment from DMBC to properly promote the market/High St offerings & not enough Community Events to increase footfall (compared with initiatives which have taken place/planned in Doncaster Market. Concerns will be raised with responsible DMBC officers next week and a further meeting arranged with senior DMBC officers
  5. Further review of litter bins across the town with new larger bins installed in hot-spot areas, damaged bins replaced with new ones and more regular emptying/monitoring schedule.
  6. Resurfacing of roads where surface very poor due to large potholes and damaged/worn surface – Station Road (between Spoons & Montagu Arms) completed in March 2018 & Oak Road finally completed in Aug 2018. Further resurfacing works expected on Dodsworth Street in the near future & also on bottom of Station Road (down towards train station) in this financial year (before 31st Mar 2019)
  7. Repair of damaged/collapsed wall off Sarah Street car park/on Garden Street
  8. Cleanse of Sarah Street car park by SLH Caretaking Team and cutting-back overgrown weeds etc around perimeter/entrance areas planned in next couple of weeks
  9. Ongoing meetings & actions with regards dangerous wall on Cromwell Road working with numerous DMBC teams i.e. Highway Management, Legal, Building Control, Stronger Communities, Street Scene etc. Temporary fencing still in situ with weeds/litter cleared on a regular basis whilst longer term solution agreed re repair of dangerous wall and removal of public safety issue
  10. New replacement bollards installed at end of Harlington Road (off Doncaster Road) to prevent motor vehicles cutting through
  11. Multi Storey Car Park – ongoing meetings, concerns expressed with DMBC re safety & cleanliness of MSCP, lift repairs, regular locking up on an evening etc. Following extensive dialogue and persistence, the lift has been repaired AGAIN, improved CCTV installed & regularly monitored, more frequent cleansing, car park now locked promptly at 7pm every night by Constant Security to prevent ASB. Situation being closely monitored by local Cllrs and senior DMBC officers.
  12. Complaints to DMBC Enforcement team re state of Highwoods pub & surrounding area. Dumped rubbish removed & site secured with more robust high fencing. Demolition of the former Highwoods pub expected over next couple of months and we hope that site will finally be developed in line with planning application agreed a couple of years ago for residential dwellings/retail units.
  13. Numerous removal of fly-tipping, dumped rubbish, build up of litter etc across the town removed by DMBC Street Scene & FLAG teams (a few examples in the attached photos).

If you spot any community issues, please report in the first instance direct to DMBC by either calling 101, via the MyDoncaster App or by emailing Customer Services – & you should be provided with a reference number for your report. If the issue is not resolved within a few days, please contact your local councillors with the reference numbers and we will escalate within DMBC and ensure matter is addressed asap.

Many thanks

Mexborough First