We thought it might be useful to update Mexborough residents on some of the many issues/complaints we have been working on….much of which goes on behind the scenes.

Firstly, all three of us receive dozens and dozens of phone calls/emails/messages etc each month from local residents regarding a multitude of personal matters/issues e.g. nuisance neighbours, ASB, housing requests, potholes, council services available, bin/recycling collections, litter, dog fouling, graffiti, crime, lost dogs, gulley cleaning, street lights out etc etc. Most of which we deal with asap or sometimes we sign-post to local agencies/ services who can assist.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide specifics on each issue as this is confidential. The many, many local residents who contact us know what we have done to help them and know how to contact us should they have any further issues.

Each month, we hold a Ward Meeting with senior officers for a number of local teams i.e. Doncaster Council Stronger Communities, DMBC Enforcement Team, DMBC Street Scene Team, Communities South Area Team St Leger Homes Doncaster etc and we discuss a range of ongoing and new community issues.

Yesterday was our monthly Ward Meeting. We thought it would be good to let everyone know the sort of issues we discuss and look to resolve across Mexborough. Some of which we discuss month after month until we feel they are either fully resolved or sufficient actions have been taken.

For example –

1) Highwoods Hotel Pub – this community issue has been discussed on a monthly basis for as long as we can remember! The former pub requires demolition and hopefully a new development of residential flats and shops. However, there are have been long/numerous delays requiring DMBC Enforcement action. The site continues to be secure (following our intervention a couple of years ago) and a ‘Demolition Order’ was agreed last year. We are now monitoring as a ‘watching brief’ until the building is demolished and hopefully redevelopment commences (TBC)

2) Red Lion Pub – again….this community issue has been on our agenda quite some time! DMBC Enforcement Team has been working with the current owner over the past couple of years to ensure that the building is kept as secure as possible. There was positive news of redevelopment/renovation plans at the end of 2019 but sadly these have since been postponed since COVID-19 hit in Mar 2020. Again, we are currently monitoring as a ‘watching brief’ until this historic building is finally updated and redeveloped as per the conservation area restrictions agreed on Bank Street many years ago.

Fly Tipping Laburnum Road3) Fly-tipping – ongoing issues – latest hot-spot is off Laburnum Road leading to Old Farm Court (next to the new bungalow which has still only been part-built even though works started around 3 yrs ago). Currently being dealt with by DMBC Enforcement and Mex Cllrs escalated to Director of Regeneration & Development at DMBC. This site needs clearing and properly securing as a priority. See attached photo.

4) Potholes/poor road surfaces – this is an ongoing issue across the town. A number of streets/roads will be receiving attention throughout this year.
West Road/Simpson Place – will finally be resurfaced in March 2021 following DMBC securing additional monies from Dept for Transport.
Other roads/streets are under review. We reported a large pothole on Laburnum Road yesterday (see attached photo) which should be made safe very shortly. Please report similar issues to DMBC as detailed below.

Litter Bins Barbers Path5) Litter Bins – we are aware that a small number of litter bins require replacing as they are in disrepair –
– Barbers Path (off Maple Road). This bin had to be removed before a few months as it was damaged and unsafe. We have received a number of complaints (plus some raised on local Facebook groups as per attached) and we were assured yesterday that this bin will be replaced in the next week and the area cleansed.

Other bins to the replaced shortly –
Adwick Road/next to bus stop near Montagu Hospital
Victoria Park (near Albert Road entrance)
Maple Road/Eden Terrace
Bottom of Oak Road

A new litter bin has been requested at the bottom of Victoria Road as this is a litter hit-spot area (around the corner from bus stop on Adwick Road)

A litter bin audit is currently being done and we will advise of further additions/replacements in due course

6) Litter & Dog Fouling / general state of the town – we are receiving an increasing number of complaints about the general state of the town. This was raised with a Senior Operations Manager in the DMBC Street Scene team at yesterday’s monthly Ward Meeting. Mex Cllrs have requested a ‘town walk’ (socially distanced of course) in the next couple of weeks to identify ‘hot spot’ areas and additional cleansing.

It is not the council workers or Mex Cllrs who drop the litter or allow their dogs to foul the pavements but the people who don’t care about our town. We have requested ‘LA Support’ enforcement teams patrol the town and hopefully catch the offenders and issue with Fixed Penalty Fines.

Dog Fouling is much more difficult to deal with. It is accepted that, during the national lockdown period, more people are exercising their dogs locally on pavements and closer to home but this is no excuse for not clearing up after their dogs. We are currently working up a ‘hot spot route’ for the sweeper to come and cleans the pavements. Again, Enforcement officers will be patrolling the town and will issue Fixed Penalty Notices to offenders. Please…CLEAR UP AFTER YOUR DOG!

It would be really appreciated if local residents can assist us by reporting in any litter/dog fouling issues (and other community issues) directly to DMBC via the appropriate process (see below). This ensures that each issue is logged on the council system, individually referenced and will then be actioned in line with the agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA) period. This will greatly assist us in cleaning up our town and targeting ‘hot-spot’ areas.

Please ensure that any community issues are reported ASAP to Doncaster Council via 01302 736000 or via the website – https://www.doncaster.gov.uk/report-it

A reference number will be provided for each report made. If the issue has not been resolved in a few days, then please contact your Mexborough Cllrs via our website, email accounts (as detailed below) or via our Facebook page (private message) and we will chase progress with DMBC.

Many thanks for your support and hope you found this update useful. More updates to follow.

Best wishes

Andy, Bev & Sean
Mexborough First Councillors

Cllr Andy Pickering – 07746 190563

Cllr Bev Chapman – 07722 960609

Cllr Sean Gibbons – 07887 750175

‘Always Putting Mexborough First’