Mexborough Cllrs have been extremely busy dealing with a variety of community issues across the town over the past few months. Here’s just a few of ’em….and the hard work continues! 

Apologies for not posting more often! Please note – these are just a few examples of some of the many issues we are currently dealing with….it is not exhaustive!

1) Highwoods Pub – worked with DMBC Enforcement to finally get this unsightly and dangerous building secured and boarded up. Currently awaiting a date for demolition (finally) of the former pub by the current owner….which was promised over 2 years ago!

2) Mexborough Roundabouts – now finally been weeded and tidied up for rest of summer. Meeting with Doncaster Council Head of Service and senior managers in Sep to agree on future works for much more colour, regular maintenance etc

3) Mex Town Centre Planters – finally planted up for the summer! Works will soon take place to replace the metal planters with better ones from Doncaster town centre. Watch this space!

4) Ongoing issues with bollards in the town centre – works will soon take place to further improve this process and stop vehicles travelling down the High St during 10am-4pm peak hours. Cllrs put pressure on DMBC for years to get the bollard management better managed. @Constant Security currently contracted to manage bollard seven days per week.

5) Multi-storey car park – lift finally working again and improved CCTV cameras to monitor/deter vandalism. Cllrs also received numerous complaints & not happy with the cleansing of site. The car park will shortly be repainted and cleansing stepped up to make this free facility more appealing to visitors/residents.

6) Red Lion – ONGOING enforcement action by DMBC to ensure that this building (one of the oldest in Mexborough) is properly secured and a long term sustainable plan is drawn up and delivered to significantly improve this important conservation area in Mexborough.

7) Pigeons in the town centre – following numerous complaints from local residents and businesses, increased enforcement patrols, fines and warning signage will shortly be erected in the town centre to warn people ‘Do Not Feed The Pigeons’!

8) Potholes – numerous complaints from local residents and ongoing town walks/inspections by local Cllrs, have seen repairs to the highway/footpaths across the town recently in the following areas – Dolcliffe Road, Kings Road, Lambeth Walk/Barbers Path, Simpson Place etc,

9) Litter bins – ongoing dialogue with DMBC Street Scene to ensure that litter bins across Mexborough are emptied more frequently, additional bins are sited in hot-spot areas and damaged bins are removed e.g. one on Hallgate and one on Oak Road. Additional bin to be sited off Adwick Road near jobcentre towards the bottom of the footpath.

10) Private small development located between Labrum Road & Old Farm Court – enforcement action currently ongoing in order to keep this lane clear of dumped fly-tipping (school walking route used by many families each weekday morning/afternoon) and the developer finishes off this new build ASAP.

11) Damaged grit bins now repaired – West Road & Willow Drive

12) Former Harlington Road Day Centre – ongoing vandalism to building and perimeter fencing. DMBC dealt with/currently repairing/replacing stolen fencing panels and charging back to the current owner.

13) Former Windhill Avenue site – Mex Cllrs have been fighting to get this area developed with much needed residential housing and social housing since 2015….and our pressure on DMBC to do this continues! This area will form part of the ‘Local Plan’ for Mexborough as part of the wider borough plan. The most recent delay is apparently due to the non-decision over the proposed HS2 Parkway Station….but we will not be waiting indefinitely….and action needs to be taken by DMBC to develop this site as an urgent priority.

In the meantime, Cllrs continually liaise with DMBC Street Scene and St Leger Homes to get this open space cut-back and cleansed of fly-tipping etc.

14) Privately owned car park next to Brighthouse in Mex – Cllrs have recently contacted the owners and asked them to cleanse this car park and remove the overgrown weeds etc

If you observe a community issue across the town, please report to DMBC in the first instance via tel call to 01302 736000 or via the MyDoncaster App or via email to –

If the issue has not been resolved within a few days or advised timescale, please contact local Councillors via the Mex First Facebook page or via email and we will escalate the matter on your behalf and arrange action to be taken asap.

Many thanks

The Mexborough First Team