Here is our reply from our email concerning the state of one a Mexborough Cemetery.

Hello Sean

I have been copied in to your earlier email highlighting the outstanding grass cutting at Mexborough cemetery.

I can assure you that the cemetery will be cut and cleansed tomorrow and we apologise for the delay in these works.

Once this is done we will now work towards getting the site back onto the regular 2 cuts per month schedule, now that a large proportion of Thursday to Sunday staff are in post for the 7 day service.

As from tomorrow the management of the 28 borough wide Cemeteries and Churchyards will be split up and the 7 south area sites (as per the attached document) are transferred to each local team with Jayne Rowland Johnson and Darren Bisby locally leading on this service delivery, Michaela Rowlands has the overall operational responsibility for these sites as part of her borough wide management role.

Kind regards

Andy Rutherford
Head of Street Scene and Highways Operations
Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council
Directorate of Regeneration and Environment
North Bridge Depot
North Bridge
Tel: 01302 734494