Mexborough First Party – A Manifesto for Mexborough


The Regeneration of Mexborough

Make a challenge to Doncaster’s planning mismanagement & unfair distribution of funds.

Ensure that there is sustainable planning policy. Ensure that planning doesn’t create a situation in which regeneration is disconnected from community needs.

Ensure the people Mexborough are offered a better system of local democracy allowing them to shape the town’s planning policies.

No car parking changes which will give rise to negative business growth and opportunities.

Crime and Security

Identify crime hotspots and seek funding to introduce a comprehensive security camera system.

Protect the fabric of the new market area with appropriate security fencing.
Restore Mexborough’s local police team and build on the concept of community policing.

Environmental Issues

The BDP Partnership Waste Plant on the old Manvers site will create the traffic of 100+ lorries a day on our local roads causing congestion and environmental problems. Management at the plant dismissed the options of a connection with the railway line (within yards of the site) on the ground of cost. Mexborough first will push to establish the safer and environmental friendly rail link.

Build Mexborough First’s initiative of ‘Mexborough First Action Teams’ who are undertaking snow clearing, removing unsightly rubbish & canal clean-up action days.

Anti-fracking. Our policy is to resist big business fracking opportunities in the district.

Question the safety of introducing GM crops.

Promote public transport with free and subsidised bus and train fares by supporting groups such as the ‘Freedom Riders’.

The Elderly

Campaign against Care Home closures and keeping them under local authority control.

Support other local groups campaigning against closure of old people’s residence.

Free train and bus travel for all those over 60 years of age.

The Young and Education

Resist any closures of local Youth Clubs.

Support and encourage local organisations that involve youth people in sports and cultural activity. Promote the wider use of the newly opened Mexborough Credit Union.

Ensure protection of Mexborough’s SureStart initiative at Mexborough Children’s Centre

Mexborough First will take a keen interest in the progress of all Mexborough schools, both pupils and staff and encourage them to get involved in community life.

Leisure and Entertainment

Support the ‘Right Up Your Street’ initiative which has harnessed Mexborough people’s creative talents, ambitions and interests. This organisation has transformed cultural life with such as MexCraft events, Street Cinema, the Cosy Cinema, creative writing, Ted Hughes events and festival and encouraged the popular Pitman Poets’ evening.

Mexborough First’s aim to maintain the impetus established by ‘Right Up Your Street’ & work towards the creation of Mexborough’s own multi purpose Civic & Cultural Centre.


Mexborough First sees as a priority the need to tackle the crisis of the shortage of affordable housing in the town. Again Doncaster has excluded Mexborough from its house building plans. We will campaign for affordable social housing on the abandoned Windhill site, a site created by Doncaster’s lack of commitment to our town.

Our policy will be to see the development brownfield sites and ensure the Doncaster’s planning mismanagement of Mexborough comes to an end. For example the planning permission for a supermarket on Station Road, favoured by Labour councillors but opposed by Mexborough campaigners, after a lapse of three years has remained a derelict site. Such a site was always more suited to housing and thus a positive use for this land.

We will identify existing premises which can be renovated rather than demolished to leave a discarded eyesore.

We will meet with local landlords to set-up a ‘Local Lettings Policy’ try to ensure local rented properties are safe and secure for tenants.


Although it is not an issue which local councillors have a direct influence over, Mexborough First’s policy is to the see the NHS maintained and enhanced as a free service to all and void of damaging privatisation. Montagu Hospital was built by our community from the contributions of ordinary working people. Mexborough is proud of its own hospital which has served its people for over a century. Mexborough First councillors will use what influence they can to maintain and improve this hospital which is so highly regarded within our community.

For Enquiries – please contact Cllr Andy Pickering on 07746 190563 or Sean Gibbons on 07887 750175 or via

Promoted by Bill Lawrence at 11 Woodfield Ave, Mexborough on behalf of Andy Pickering, Bev Chapman, Sean Gibbons all at Mexborough First, 41 Tennyson Avenue, Mexborough. Printed by Mexborough First

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