A further update regarding fire flyover debacle following our meeting on Monday evening with the Doncaster Council CEO, Senior Director plus Ros Jones & Portfolio Holder, Cllr Joe Blackham.

We called a meeting with DMBC CEO and senior director re numerous Mex issues (with flyover situation top of the agenda) which happened at 5pm on Mon evening.

We were very surprised when Ros and Portfolio Holder Joe Blackham were also invited to the MS Teams call for first agenda item.

We discussed the flyover situation at length and agree the options available – 1) Do Nothing (absolutely not!), 2) Repair, 3) Demolish & Replace or 4) a new design/provision as part did the ‘Mexborough Futures’ plan (to be determined as not yet had the output from the consultants re the Mex Masterplan/Futures).

Ros was saying how she wanted to consult local residents and businesses before we do anything and kept making this point…will come back to this!

As Cllr Joe Blackham quite rightly pointed out that we need to know more info re costings, timescales, potential disruption etc BEFORE we communicate anything and we agreed for DMBC senior officers to provide this initially before basting anything.

So….Ros and Joe leave the meeting around 5.45pm and Bev, Andy and I continue with the meeting with Damian (CEO) and Dan (Senior Director) until almost 7pm.

And at 5.55pm…Ros announces this on her own Facebook page completely against what we agreed!! All preplanned and thinking back they had already drafted this communication by Ros BEFORE our meeting. Unbelievable! This what we are up against all of the time!

So Ros then faces a barrage of criticism over this on her own FB page by numerous residents & local businesses with numerous ‘shares’ across the Mex groups. She is basically saying that the flyover will be demolished and dual carriageway made single lane with a leafy cycle lane etc!

I and Cllr Chapman Bev made our views clear on Ros’s FB page on Monday night and both comments were swiftly deleted! So I have put mine back on there and still on there at present!

We will keep you posted on developments as soon as have further information.

Article concerning the Flyover was recently published in the Doncaster Free Press and can be read by clicking here.