Improved Community Safety in Mexborough thanks to DMBC & Northern Power Grid.

Mexborough First Councillors have been working hard to tackle some long outstanding community issues in Mexborough.

We are very pleased to see that the Zebrea Crossing on Doncaster Road has recently had full replacement of beacons and poles which now prominently light up on an evening/night time. Previously, the poles were in almost complete darkness and we received numerous complaints from residents reporting ‘near-misses’ where drivers were not stopping as they should to give-way to crossing pedestrians.

Hopefully, these improvements will significantly improve community safety. The situation will continue to be monitored and if the situation does not improve and drivers do not stop at the Zebra Crossing as they should (on a increasingly very busy road in Mexborough) then we will push for an additional pelican crossing in the area to further improve community safety and prevent accidents.