HS2 propose only 16 demolitions on Shimmer Estate, Mexborough – Which ones? Here they are 

This week has been a challenging one to say the least and there is much work going on behind the scenes to support the increasing number of concerned residents and get the answers you deserve from HS2/DfT.

Sincere apologies to all Shimmer residents for not releasing this information sooner but have been trying our best to notify as many of the proposed demolitions as possible before‎ releasing to the press/media.

Please remember that we are on your side and are fighting for you all as Cllrs, with the Mayor, Cabinet Members, Ed Miliband, DMBC senior officers etc.

The list of ’16 potential demolitions’ is a confidential list which HS2 did not want anyone to know about the specific but for over a year have kept reiterating only 16 properties would be required on Shimmer to build 20m viaduct to service the HS2 line.

HS2 have purposely ‎stuck to the small number to justify their case that there would be more demolitions on the Meadowhall route than the M18 route….which is completely untrue. There will be far more demolitions on the M18 route than the Meadowhall route.

There will be far more than 16 property demolitions on the Shiimer estate and HS2 have admitted that this week (after the final route announcement was made on Monday) saying that –

“the potential for property demolitions are based on an immature project plan and based on the known earthworks for the proposed alignment at this early stage of the process. Following a route decision, this is likely to change with ongoing design development, construction planning and environmental assessment. For example, demolitions resulting from ancillary works, mitigation and realignment of existing infrastructure (such as roads and railways) arenot included at this stage”.

We believe that, if the M18 route does go ahead as‎ planned, the whole of the Shimmer estate will have to be demolished which is why HS2/DfT have safeguarded the whole estate.

Here are the properties which were initially identified by HS2 as being required for demolition due to their direct proximity on the viaduct/line –

74, 76, 78, 80 Comelybank Drive
82, 84, 86 Comelybank Drive
114, 116, 118, 120, 122‎, 124 Comelybank Drive
126, 128, 130‎ Comelybank Drive

The proposed 16 demolitions on the Shimmer estate are flawed as, for example, in the photo at the top of the page we have highlighted that 126-130 in the block of five properties are apparantly going and 132-134 will remain. Absolute nonsense

We notified ITV Calendar exclusively of the situation on Thu 20th July (following attempts to notify all of the above residents affected) and the TV coverage can be found at the bottom of the attached link –


(entitled ‘HS2 surveyors apologise after losing documents on train’ due to breaking story later on Thursday).


Mexborough First Cllrs are NOT happy with this dire situation and also the chosen HS2 route announced by DfT/HS2 on Monday.

We will continue to FIGHT on behalf of ALL MEXBOROUGH residents.

This whole affair is a complete scandal and contempt for our town, it’s residents and surrounding areas.

We have called for an urgent Judicial Review at this travesty and undemocratic handling by Grayling and DfT/HS2 and their knowledge that there would be far more demolitions/greater community impact on the M18 route compared to the Meadowhall route.