Mexborough Councillors are currently looking to utilise some residual ‘Section 106 monies’ which are given to Doncaster Council by developers when new housing is built in the local area.

Mexborough First Looking to improve local parksThere are plans to build some new residential homes at the bottom of Cemetery Road (former nurses home – planning application submitted Oct 2019) and Adwick Road Park has previously been earmarked for a brand new play area using the intended S106 monies. Unfortunately, this planned development has been delayed (presumably due to Covid) but our local Communities South Area Team Co-ordinator is currently chasing this one up.

We also have some other residual monies which we plan to spend on improving other parks across Mexborough. Not a massive amount but enough to make a difference and provide/improve better play opportunities for our local children in some of our local play areas.

We will update Mexborough residents further once we have a more robust update.