Mexborough Councillors have been pushing Doncaster Council for a number of years to finally develop the dormant land on the former Windhill Avenue site where 120+ houses were sadly demolished around 2009 and never redeveloped when the Housing Market Pathfinder Renewal Scheme was scrapped by the Government in 2010.

At the last Full Council meeting on 1st March 2021, Cllr Sean Lord Gibbons asked Mayor Ros Jones a question – “When will the former Windhill Avenue site in Mexborough finally be redeveloped by Doncaster Council to provide much needed new housing to the area?”

We are currently awaiting a written reply from Mayor Ros & her Cabinet and we will share the reply with you when we receive it.

The site should have been redeveloped years ago as it is ripe for new housing, would bring much needed revenue to DMBC in terms of a Capital Receipt for the sale of the land, Revenue Receipts in collected Council Tax on the new properties over the years and save thousands and thousands of pounds which have had to be spent by St Leger Homes Doncaster over the last 10+ years clearing the dumped flytipping on the site.

Just to remind everyone….Mayor Ros promised to develop this site four years ago just before the 2017 Mayoral Election…if she was re-elected….and you can read all about this in the link below!

Work with us on five-year plan for Mexborough