Following a number of recent complaints, Mex Cllrs have asked for urgent MyDoncaster enforcement patrols on Adwick Road in busy hot-spot areas e.g. Arnold Crescent junction, Job Centre, Premier Store, Co-op, St John’s School etc during busy periods in the day i.e. 8.30am and just before 3pm.

This issue was also raised at the last PACT meeting on 8th Feb and was agreed as one of three town priorities for this month. South Yorkshire Police Doncaster West NHP and PCSOs are also going to patrol and enforce any ‘obstruction’ issues which fall within their domain.

There will also be some ‘no parking/stopping’ markings put down on Adwick Road outside Premier Store where not even disabled drivers will be allowed to park and no loading/unloading is permitted. Again, it is down for drivers to park safely and legally and for enforcement to catch those parking illegally/dangerously and fine accordingly.

There is still much more work to be done to look at potentially putting done more double yellow lines in certain hot-spot areas along Adwick Road and also challenging the car parking charges by the hospital for staff which is also causing problems with people parking for free (legally) along Adwick Road and along side roads.

Cllrs are currently working with DMBC Highways Team to look closely at other options to improve community safety in this part of town. There may well be a consultation in the near future with local residents in these areas to consider putting down more double-yellow lines as part of a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) which has to be applied for by DMBC to Central Government for approval and at a cost.

We may also have to consider introducing ‘Resident Parking Permit’ in areas such as bottom of Arnold Crescent but again this will have to put to a consultation with those affected residents and the costs of a ‘Resident Parking Permit’ met by each resident.

In the meantime, can we please ask everyone to drive carefully in these areas and to park legally and safely at all times. If anyone witnesses any illegal parking, please report to DMBC by calling 01302 736000, via MyDoncaster App or via email to – enclosing any photos.

Please copy your email to – and Cllrs will also escalate for urgent action.

Many thanks for your co-operation.