On Friday 13/6/14 Mexborough First Councillor Andy Pickering took part in his first vote in the Council Chamber.

The debate was over Doncaster MBC’s proposal to close it’s Council run Care Homes for the elderly.Michelle Bailey spokesperson for Care Gate,the campaign formed to keep them open,gave an impressive and impassioned address to the Chamber which we believe should not be ignored.

The original motion put forward by the Council was to allow the decision to be made by The Cabinet…after all the evidence had been examined.

We are convinced it was a cynical move to delay the outcome and deflect blame from the Councillors. An opposition amendment was tabled to vote now and affirm our support for these caring compassionate people and their facilities.

Mexborough First voted in favour of keeping the homes open now as did 13 other members.Sadly 37 Labour Councillors voted against.

A shameful day in Doncaster politics…we would like to say,as a matter of record, The Care Gate campaigners have our full support.