Huge thanks to the growing team of #MexboroughFirst residents volunteering their time to deliver our leaflets and key messages across our town.

Whilst out and about yesterday on a sunny bank holiday, our team took time to discuss community issues with local residents e.g. nuisance neighbours, littering, dog fouling etc. We even litter-picked some areas e.g. small park between Pitt Street & Hirst Gate and near flats at bottom of Cross Gate. Also, a build-up of litter affecting a resident on Hawes Close.

Many people told us that they are supporting #MexboroughFirst and said it is certainly #TimeForChange.

A number of people have already voted for us in their Postal Vote which is fantastic! Don’t forget that you have one vote for your MP in the General Election and THREE VOTES in the Local Election for your new Local Councillors.

You know what you need to do…on Thursday 7th May 2015

#VoteMexboroughFirst #7thMay2015 #ForgottenTown