Current South Yorkshire route agreed by Transport Government UK and HS2 Ltd will decimate Mexborough AND FOR NO GAIN! 

As time moves on, hundreds of Mexborough properties are now blighted and many residents are selling their homes to the Government to make way for the ‘Fat Cat Express’! The Shimmer estate is becoming like a ‘ghost town’ as residents sell up and leave with more and more ‘To Let’ signs appearing. Same is happening in other parts of the town i.e. Pastures Court, Doncaster Road, Mallory Drive etc.

Mexborough (and local area) residents deserve much better from this corrupt public body who are extremely poor at communicating/community engagement and only seem bothered about building a new ‘not fit for purpose’ railway…at ANY COST!

We are so pleased that Paul Griffiths is leaving High Speed Two Limited (HS2 Ltd) at the end of the year….and we wish him well for the future….and he can spread his BS elsewhere over the pond!

Mexborough First Cllrs continue to fight for local residents significantly affected and will not stop until this ‘White Elephant’ is cancelled for good!

For more information regards HS2 and the Shimmer Estate please read this article in the Doncaster Free Press by clicking here