Mexborough First are once again on the streets of Mexborough delivering our leaflets, meeting the great folk of our forgotten town and finding out what residents actually want to happen to Mexborough and how we can help.

Over the last few days we have put various Mexborough First banners* and posters on display and this is where we need help from you!

We want you to take a selfie with the Mexborough First banner or poster in the background and post it on social media, remembering to tag us in it.

Please also post it on our Mexborough First Facebook page by clicking this link – Mexborough First on Facebook.

If you require a poster to display in a home/shop window please email us at  or by calling/texting 07746 190563 or 07887 750175 and we will get one delivered straight away.

We look forward to seeing the photos.


*These banners have been placed with permission of the landowners and shall be removed within 14 days of the close of the poll as per the regulations for a Class E Exemption under the Political Parties Elections & Referendums Act 2000