Evening everyone,

It is almost a month since our last Mexborough community issues update and 1st March tomorrow….spring is in the air and much better times are coming very soon! Please continue to socially distance and follow the ‘Hands, Face, Space’ guidelines.

Mex Cllrs met with the newly appointed Director of Regeneration & Development at Doncaster Council on Wednesday and we showed him a number of the ‘hot spot’ community issues we are currently dealing with and trying to rectify/improve.

It is our monthly Ward Meeting tomorrow morning with DMBC Stronger Communities Communities South Area Team St Leger Homes Doncaster Enforcement Team, Street Scene Team etc and we will continue to raise our concerns on a number of issues.

1) Red Lion – ongoing issue which we have been dealing with for some time. This issue has been escalated to Director Dan S. We have been assured that the building will be fully secured very soon and enforcement actions is ongoing. We will keep you posted on developments.

2) Fly-Tipping on former SLH garage site located between Laburnum Road/Old Farm Court – ongoing issue and now with Director Dan S. This site should have been cleared recently and Dan S will ensure his happens very soon. Enforcement action will be taken if site not cleared asap and the site properly secured. We have asked for a metal folding bar to be installed at the lane entrance off Laburnum Road to deter further fly-tippers.

3) Cromwell Road dangerous wall issue – this matter has been ongoing for over three years. Some of the wall has been repaired/secured by Guinness Homes who are responsible and we are assured that more works will be done ASAP. Then the Harras fencing can finally be removed. The litter/weeds behind the fencing has recently been cleared

A number of other sites were visited and other community matters discussed with Dan S which will continue to be progressed. Further updates to follow when we know more.

In addition, we have been sweeping the town and have reported a number of communities issues to DMBC for attention asap. Here are just a few examples –

1) Fly-tipping on former Windhill Avenue housing site – reported to St Leger Homes who have arranged for their Caretaking Team to clear tomorrow.

2) Fly-tipping on former Harlington Road Day Centre site – reported to DMBC Enforcement team who will contact the owner and ask them to clear as a priority. Failure to do this within an agreed period will result in the Enforcement team clearing and charging the costs back to the owner.

3) Footpath between Harlington Road and Lingfield Walk – following resident complaints we have visited the site and asked the DMBC Street Scene team to fully cleanse asap.

4) Potholes on Tennyson Avenue/Genoa Street/Kings Road/Pitt Street/White Lee Road/Sedgefield Way/Chepstow Drive etc – numerous issues reported in all of these locations and urgent action requested by DMBC Highways to make safe asap.

5) Litter Bins – following a recent Bin Audit a number of bins have been replaced with new ones – Maple Road/Eden Terrace, Victoria Park, Adwick Road, Barbers Path etc. Further review ongoing and more replacements will follow in the future

6) Former Scrapyard on White Lee Road – fly-tipping at both the site entrance and on the site behind the gates. Reported to DMBC Enforcement on Friday for inspection and clearance asap.

7) Road Speed sign on Wath Road – somebody decided to change one sign from displaying ‘30’ to ‘80’! This has now been rectified today

8.) Dumped armchair on Wath Road – now been removed

9) Potentially dangerous wall at the side of Cambridge Street off Wath Road – reported today by a local resident and we have escalated and asked for an urgent inspection ASAP

10) Dumped litter/rubbish at rear of Nat West on Bank Street – reported to DMBC Street Scene. The site to be cleansed asap and shrubbery cut-back again

11) Milton Road Garage Site – lots of beer cans, dumped doors/rubbish etc. Reported to SLH for urgent attention to secure and clear the site

12) Green-space opposite Royal Electric Theatre on Bank Street – reported to DMBC for cleansing asap

It would be really appreciated if local residents can continue to assist us by reporting any community issues directly to DMBC via the appropriate process (see below). This ensures that each issue is logged on the council system, individually referenced and will then be actioned in line with the agreed Service

Level Agreement (SLA) period. This will greatly assist us in cleaning up our town and targeting ‘hot-spot’ areas.

Please ensure that any community issues are reported ASAP to Doncaster Council via 01302 736000 or via the website – https://www.doncaster.gov.uk/report-it

A reference number will be provided for each report made. If the issue has not been resolved in a few days, please contact your Mexborough Cllrs via our website, email accounts (as detailed below) or via our Facebook page (private message) and we will chase progress with DMBC.

Thank you for your ongoing support in trying to improve our town and hope you found this update useful. More updates to follow very soon!

Best wishes

Andy, Bev & Sean

Mexborough First Councillors

Cllr Andy Pickering – 07746 190563

Cllr Bev Chapman – 07722 960609

Cllr Sean Gibbons – 07887 750175

‘Always Putting Mexborough First’