Just wanted to provide you all with another update on actions taken against numerous Mexborough community issues since 20th March and also other issues we are currently dealing with.

We have recently been supporting the excellent community work of Mexborough Neighbourhood Network who have been working hard in partnership with Swinton & Kilnhurst Clean Up Crew and @Wath, West Melton & Brampton Litter Pickers to tidy up our local areas/communities.

On Sat 3rd Apr, over 100 bags & associated rubbish was removed by these fab team across our local areas….we salute you all for such fab community spirit and pro-activity. We contacted DMBC Street Scene to arrange removal and also escalated our ongoing concerns for increased patrols and spot-checks of ‘hot-spot’ areas with more frequent & robust cleansing plus stronger enforcement action.

Our next monthly Ward Meeting will take place tomorrow morning with DMBC Stronger Communities Communities South Area Team St Leger Homes Doncaster Doncaster Enforcement Team, Street Scene Team etc and we will continue to raise our concerns on a number of issues as detailed below.

1) Rear yard of South Yorkshire pub – dire state of this eyesore at key central town point raised as a serious concern with DMBC Enforcement who promptly chased owner and site recently cleared. Ongoing monitoring and securing of area.

2) Public Footpath between Coniston Road and Windhill Crescent – the dire state of this very neglected public footpath was raised on 15th March at the most senior level with Doncaster Council and SLH. Despite reassurances and promises of prompt action, we have sadly not seen this yet. Further strong complaint email sent to DMBC director & SLH CEO requesting urgent site meeting and cleansing action to be taken.

3) Public Footpath between Donnington Road and Clayfield View – another dire state following more recent flytipping in this ‘hot spot’ area. Raised at most senior level in DMBC for enforcement action. As above – urgent site visit and urgent action requested.

4) Potholes across numerous roads/streets across town – ongoing monitoring/reporting/escalation to senior DMBC officers
New potholes on Cross Gate, Bank Street and Church Street reported to DMBC Highways for inspection and recently repaired.
Currently awaiting a site meeting with senior DMBC Highways director to discuss ongoing concerns and actions to be taken in these areas –
Chepstow Drive which we have recently used been informed is still ‘under the intervention criteria’ as potholes only 25mm deep and not the required 40mm!

Kings Road – very poor road surface that may not be deep enough to trigger intervention but very messy and loose stones coming away from road surface
Cobden Avenue – large pothole reported to us as DMBC refused advised ‘under the intervention criteria’….escalated for further action.

5) Dropped Kerbs at the junction of Hirst Gate and Doncaster Road – this ongoing community issue will finally be resolved following resident complaints about the current height of these two dropped kerbs which are currently unsafe for mobility scooters
Two dropped kerbs recently installed on Wath Road near Mex Family Hub/The Willows Community Centre
Several new dropped kerbs currently being installed on Park Road following a complaint to Mex Cllrs re poor access in the area for mobility scooters

6) Litter Bins – following recent town walks a number of litter bins have been highlighted as full to the brim and raised for more regular emptying by Street Scene team

Old style metal slat ‘Cardiff’ bins – new inner liners replaced in two bins in Manvers Park as rotten and Also, new inner bin liner installed in Castle Hills Park.

New litter bin recently installed at bottom of Victoria Road (near bus stop on Adwick Road) as identified’ litter ‘hot-spot’ area

Following recent replacement on Barbers Path, the new bin was knocked over again so now removed again by DMBC Street Scene team who will robustly secure very shortly

Ongoing review of litter bins generally across Mexborough

7) Former Scrapyard on White Lee Road – fly-tipping at both the site entrance and on the site behind the gates. Reported to DMBC Enforcement on Friday for inspection and clearance asap. Some dumped rubbish has been cleared but then more rubbish dumped which will be removed shortly. Work is ongoing to completely clear the site asap

8) Red Lion – ongoing issue. Building recently fully secured and enforcement action is ongoing. We are pushing for the whole building to be steel-shuttered for increased safety and protection. We are also awaiting some positive news on the future of the building. We will keep you posted on developments

9) Fly-Tipping on former SLH garage site located between Laburnum Road/Old Farm Court – the site now cleared following intervention by Director Dan S and effective work by our local Enforcement Officer. The fencing secured properly again. We have asked for a metal folding bar to be installed at the lane entrance off Laburnum Road to deter further fly-tippers.

10) Fly-tipping on former Windhill Avenue housing site – reported to St Leger Homes again who have arranged for their Caretaking Team to clear on 1st Mar. Following an inspection by Mex Cllrs, furthermore robust cleanse required as a number of areas still riddled with dumped rubbish. Further cleansing is recently done by SLH caretaking team and ongoing close monitoring.

11) Potentially dangerous wall at side of Cambridge Street off Wath Road – reported by a local resident and we escalated and asked for an urgent inspection ASAP. DMBC Building Control team are currently arranging for the wall to be safely dismantled to a much safer height following recent storm damage.

12) Greenspace opposite Royal Electric Theatre on Bank Street – reported to DMBC for cleansing asap. Still awaiting cleansing as been identified as being private land.

13) Damaged fencing on perimeter of Manvers Park on Wath Road – reported to DMBC for repair asap. Awaiting an update tomorrow.

14) Backs/Alleyway between Spencer St & Chapel St – following a recent complaint to DMBC and subsequent escalation to Mex Cllrs, we recently visited the site. Photos were taken of fly-tipping and passed to DMBC Enforcement action and clearance of area

15) Backs/Alleyway between Manvers Toad & Newark Road – as above. Fly-tipping currently being investigated by DMBC Enforcement and clearance of area ASAP.

16) Dire state of dumped litter/rubbish – top of Hirst Gate near local shops/rear of derelict building/behind bus stop etc – site visit by Mex Cllrs over the weekend and email reports requesting urgent cleansing action sent to DMBC Street Scene, St Leger Homes, Northern Power Grid (substation cleanse) and South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (bus shelter area).

17) Hawthorne Crescent – green space and footpaths leading to Cedar Avenue & Poplar Close – another fly-tipping ‘hotspot’ area! Site visited by Mex Cllrs on Sat and further litter-pick under bushes. Recent cleanse by Street Scene team but much more robust action escalated to SLH CEO to remove dumped mattresses, rubbish etc behind substation. Email sent to NPG to request cleanse of the substation.

18) Damaged bollard on High Street – noticed by Mex Cllr recently who promptly reported to DMBC who repaired and secured a couple of days later.

As previously advised, it would be really appreciated if local residents can continue to assist us by reporting any community issues directly to DMBC via the appropriate process (see below). This ensures that each issue is logged on the council system, individually referenced and will then be actioned in line with the agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA) period. This will greatly assist us in cleaning up our town and targeting ‘hot-spot’ areas.

Please ensure that any community issues are reported ASAP to Doncaster Council via 01302 736000 or via the website – https://www.doncaster.gov.uk/report-it

A reference number will be provided for each report made. If the issue has not been resolved in a few days, please contact your Mexborough Cllrs via our website, email accounts (as detailed below) or via our Facebook page (private message) and we will chase progress with DMBC.

Thank you for your ongoing support in trying to improve our town and hope you found this update useful. More updates to follow very soon!

Best wishes

Andy, Bev & Sean

Mexborough First Councillors

Cllr Andy Pickering – 07746 190563

Cllr Bev Chapman – 07722 960609

Cllr Sean Gibbons – 07887 750175

‘Always Putting Mexborough First’