Just an update on a few community issues, Cllr Gibbons has been dealing with recently (and chasing up for action) following a number of complaints from local residents –
1) Full/overflowing litter bins in various areas reported this morning following some resident complaints – Riverside Court, Hirst Gate, Park Road, Barbers Path, Adwick Road roundabout, Cemetery Road etc and escalated within CDC so should hopefully be emptied tomorrow.
Bins at top of Sedgefield Way, Adwick Road, Hall Gate, Hampden Road etc also recently reported and emptied by CDC Street Scene team
2) Potholes – numerous ongoing issues and one of the main reasons for complaints from local residents and businesses. Recently reported very large potholes on Plumpton Avenue, Coniston Road & Dolcliffe Road, Hampden Road etc which have recently been
The large pothole at the bottom of Helena St has now been marked out in yellow and should be repaired in the next couple of days.
Urgent attention to large potholes on Bank St (various) will be chased up again this week with CDC Highways.
Large pothole at top of Sycamore Road also raised again with CDC Highways for urgent repair.
3) Length of grass around St Leger Homes Doncaster properties across Mexborough. Due to the very wet weather we’ve continued to have the grass cutting schedule by Doncaster Council Street Scene grounds maintenance is currently running behind, but we have received an email to assure that they will catch up asap (and hope the weather is much drier!
4) Resurfacing of Sandown Road/ Ascot Close – following numerous resident complaints and dire state of the road surface, a further complaint has been raised with CDC Highways requesting urgent inspection and resurfacing works.
Response from CDC Highways (23rd Apr) –
The good news is that we have recently put together a programme to address these issues and other roads alike throughout the borough, this programme includes Ascot Close, Wetherby Drive and Sandown Road. We’re hoping for the programme to start in May/June and I will request if this area can be prioritised.
Following these works, we will continue to monitor these roads during our annual safety inspections.
5) Completion of improvements to Adwick Road Park play area – works still to be finished and chased up today for action asap involving resurfacing works and painting of perimeter fencing. Ongoing works plus recent complaint of youths breaking tree branches in the park which have been cleared by CDC Street Scene. Also increased patrols requested by Doncaster South NPT & Doncaster Council Stronger Communities
6) Loose Yorkshire Water manhole covers raised directly with Yorkshire Water on Park Road (due to resident complaint) and Swinton Road (near Lidl roundabout) chased up again for attention asap. One on Lower Dolcliffe (top of Belle Vue Road junction) recently secured by Yorkshire Water
7) Rebuilding of damaged old perimeter wall on Bhatia Close/Lower Dolcliffe. Chased up and escalated to SLH Director of Property Services having been initially raised by Cllr Gibbons almost a year ago following a complaint from a concerned local resident. Chased up again this morning with CEO of St Leger Homes Doncaster and should hopefully be repaired very soon.
8.) Numerous fly-tipping/dunked rubbish at rear of High St shops/Sarah St car park reported on Fri 24th May to CDC Enforcement team for investigation and removal asap. Also asked SLH to arrange further cleanse of the car park and cutback by CDC Street Scene team asap.
9) Dumped rubbish at end of Garden St reported on Fri 24th May to CDC Enforcement & St Leger Homes for removal asap.
10) Overturned grit bin (top of West Road) – reported to CDC Highways to rectify again for third time in last three months.
11) Overhanging bush on Lambeth Walk (leading to Barbers Path – main school route) reported to CDC Highways Enforcement & recently cutback.
12) Overgrown bushes/nettles on bridleway between Eden Terrace/Maple Road & Adwick Road, recently reported by local residents. Raised with CDC Public Rights of away (PROW) team and should be cutback later this week.
If you have any outstanding community issues (which have already been reported to City of Doncaster Council via 01302 736000 or https://www.doncaster.gov.uk/report-it) please email Cllr Gibbons at – sean.gibbons@doncaster.gov.uk, and he will chase up with the appropriate department asap.
Cllr Gibbons will hold his next Councillor Surgery this Sat 15th Jun 10-11am at Mexborough Library if you would like to attend and raise any community issues in confidence. No appointment required.