Mex Cllrs are completely confused by the new contract arrangements where bin lorries will be coming into town on four days a week (Tue-Fri) collecting different waste types on different days in different areas of the town! We are currently awaiting a full breakdown of which areas in Mexborough will be emptied on which day!

In the meantime, all we can do is refer people to the bin calendar you should have received with your blue bin or sign-post residents to the DMBC website to tap in your address/post code to check your collection day –

As advised by Cllr Chapman in a ‘myth buster update’ yesterday via various local Facebook pages –

DMBC have now changed the communication from two additional black bags to a ‘reasonable amount’-

“Suez have confirmed that, if your bin was missed last week because of the snow, the collection teams will take a reasonable amount of rubbish if it is bagged up and put next to your black bin on your next black bin collection day. “We know some of you will have a lot of extra rubbish, so we understand you might need to put a few extra bags out. This side waste may be collected by a separate bin lorry so please don’t worry if it’s not taken at the same time as your black bin is emptied.

Read more at –

So all excess household rubbish should be removed by Suez on your next black bin collection….but the bags might well be collected by a different truck

For those residents who have not yet received a new blue recycling bin, please contact DMBC Customer Services on 01302 736000 or email DMBC with your full name and address to –

You can also email any Customer Complaints to DMBC via the above email address. If you are not happy with the service provided by DMBC regarding the new bin collection arrangements, please email them as above and copy to Mex Cllrs – for info/follow-up.

Thanks again for your understanding and patience.